“The Republic no longer intends to make any distinction in the human family.
It does not exclude anyone from its immortal motto:
Freedom - Equality - Fraternity.”
Extract from the Schœlcher report - Paris 1848

The museum “Victor Schœlcher, son œuvre” in Fessenheim, the birthplace of the Schœlcher family

The museum “Victor Schœlcher, son œuvre” is dedicated to the author of the decree of 27 April 1848, proclaiming the abolition of slavery in the French colonies.
A humanist, advocate of the abolition of the death penalty, defender of the cause of women and the rights of the child, Victor Schœlcher rests in the Pantheon of Paris since 1949.
Fessenheim, the birthplace of the Schœlcher family, has been twinned since 1980 with the Martinican town of Schœlcher, called Case-Navire until 1889, when it was renamed in honour of Victor Schœlcher.

Things to see in Fessenheim
Musée Victor Schœlcher, son œuvre
Stele of Victor Schœlcher

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