“The blacks are deaf neither to the voice of morality nor to that of civilization; sons of the common father, they are men like us”

Letter from Anne-Marie Javouhey

The early 1830s saw the rebirth of the abolitionist movement. Whereas the parliamentary struggle was led by Lamartine, there was an experiment in Mana, in Guyana, on the emancipation of blacks, entrusted by the government of Louis-Philippe to Anne-Marie Javouhey and which saw from 1838, ten years before the definitive abolition of slavery, several hundreds black gaining freedom.

 Things to see in Chamblanc-Seurre and Jallanges:

. Birth house of Anne Marie Javouhey in Jallanges - Commemorative plaque (no visit because of private house)
. Family home of Anne Marie Javouhey in Chamblanc
. Exhibition room Anne Marie Javouhey in Chamblanc
. Memory forests of emancipated slaves of 1838 in Chamblanc, Seurre and Jallanges
. Historical trail Anne Marie Javouhey from Chamblanc to Jallanges
. Church of Chamblanc and stained glasses windows Anne Marie Javouhey
. Church of Seurre: plaque and statue of Anne Marie Javouhey

Opening dates and hours:
. all year round for the family home in Chamblanc and the exhibition room.
. all year round with free access for the open-air memory forests, the churches of Chamblanc and Seurre and the historical trail.